Jenny Stone

Founder & CEO
Jenny Stone

As Founder and CEO of Partner Forces, Jenny Stone champions a commitment to collaboration and the belief that the best results are achieved when working as one team toward one mission. Jenny has built a culture of accountability and impact, centered around values she contributes to professional and life success: integrity, diversity, positivity, candor, determination, and teamwork. Her commitment to guiding and supporting employees on their path to identifying their passions and goals translates to a productive, motivated workforce that delivers superior results to clients. Jenny believes in the importance of executive-doers and is directly supporting our client’s strategic efforts related to reducing risk to our nation’s pipeline infrastructure and improving resilience in the healthcare and public health sector.

Jenny has worked side-by-side with Department of Homeland Security for over 18 years, supporting federal, state and local, and private sector critical infrastructure and cyber protection initiatives and building preparedness capabilities targeted at manmade and natural disasters. She is a recognized expert in infrastructure protection and the homeland security doctrine, regulations, and partnership framework built post 9/11 to manage the risk and threats to our country.


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

Jenny holds an MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University and a BA in English and Economics from Washington and Lee University. In addition to presiding over Partner Forces, she is the founder of Covert Park Consulting. Jenny’s relationships extend beyond the Capital Beltway and traditional federal homeland security partners to state and local partners and the private sector. Her work experience, combined with these relationships, contribute to Jenny’s holistic perspective on security matters. This perspective has been leveraged by clients to increase program success, translate strategic guidance to operational level execution, drive innovation, and identify new partnership opportunities.