Mission Support

Partner Forces intimately understands the power of mission support in transforming teams and propelling mission success. It’s where our founder’s consulting career began.

Always consultative versus transactional, Partner Forces’ mission support teams combine federal government and private sector experience, an understanding of our clients’ operating environments and a proven ability to support and accelerate day-to-day operations. We are the movers and shakers that get things done, providing the vital support to set the mission up for success.

Our leaders transcend their job descriptions, redefining value in ways that can make all the difference. One indicator of our success is the ultimate compliment — many of our mission support team members are hired by our clients.

Our Mission Support capabilities include:
Administrative Operations
Administrative Operations

We handle the fundamentals, including logistics, reporting, executive correspondence, administrative and end-to-end meeting support, helping set executives and their teams up for success.

Grant Operations
Grant Operations

From drafting grants to managing their distribution, we provide end-to-end grant operations support to ensure stakeholders have the resources they need to advance the mission.

Policy Analysis & Development
Policy Analysis & Development

We develop draft policies, prepare policy materials, conduct research and conduct outreach to help our stakeholders shape a favorable policy environment.

Project Management
Project Management

From managing timelines and teams to running day-to-day operations, our skilled project managers ensure you meet your project goals.

Technical Writing
Technical Writing

We research, write, edit and condense complex, technical concepts and issues into simple and engaging content. Reports, articles, news releases, SOPs, and guidance documents.

Technology and Tool Development
Technology and Tool Development

We develop and deploy tools to help advance your most important mission areas.


We identify needs, develop materials, and coordinate and conduct training, to empower stakeholders to fulfill their mission requirements.

Project Spotlights


Streamlining the Distribution of Emergency Grants Amid a Global Health Crisis

U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Challenge

Following the passage of the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, FEMA had just weeks to allocate $100 million in critical emergency aid to thousands of qualified grant applicants during the height of the global health pandemic.

The Partnership

Partner Forces teamed up with FEMA to provide critical grant operations, change management, and emergency management support.

Our team worked closely with internal and external stakeholders to document existing processes, design best practices for distributing vital personal protective equipment (PPE) funding for fire departments nationwide, and develop new online tools and resources to administer grants during a crisis.

The Impact

As a result of Partner Forces’ management, outreach and partnership-building skills, our team helped FEMA:

Improve & Bolster Emergency Response Efforts
  • Distribute $100 million in CARES Act funding for vital PPE to firefighters, helping to minimize the spread of COVID-19 nationwide
  • Reduce strain on the federal emergency response workforce
Operate More Efficiently
  • Migrate their in-person application review processes to online, streamlining review and approval processes
  • Save resources on travel
  • Clarify roles and processes
  • Reduce redundancies
Strengthen Engagement
  • Cultivate stronger relationships with internal, intergovernmental and external stakeholders
Better Prepare for the Future
  • Respond more swiftly and efficiently to future emergencies
  • Repurpose and tailor a grant distribution SOP to other grant programs

Building a New Security Program Office From the Ground Up

U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

The Challenge

Amid the rapidly evolving risk landscape, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) is growing threat to our nation’s critical infrastructure networks. CISA needed support designing and executing a new program office to help the agency respond to and mitigate sUAS threats.

The Partnership

Partner Forces partnered with CISA to stand up a new sUAS security program office. As expert operators and risk advisors, Partner Forces leveraged our skills and experience to design and implement new governance, operational, and communications processes to establish and help mature the office.

The Impact

As a result of Partner Forces leadership and collaborative effort, our team helped CISA:

Conduct Strategic Planning
  • Define a strategy and plan to help CISA’s sUAS office grow and scale, define their mission space, and operate more efficiently
Manage Programs & Protect our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
  • Stand up and operationalize a new program office to reduce drone threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure
Improve Communications & Enhance Partnerships
  • Improve how the office communicates, engages and shares information internally and with external stakeholders
  • Raise public awareness about sUAS threats and how to mitigate them
  • Open new communications channels with international counterparts and other security entities