Data & Analytics

Our passion for insight empowers a data and analytics practice designed to meet our clients where they are in their data journey. We customize short-term solutions to build analytical capacity and provide long-term, transformational strategies to mature and grow our client’s data capabilities.

We help clients see the big picture through our advanced data analytics tools and abilities. Microsoft Power Platform, Tableau, Drupal, you name it. Our data team applies their technical talents and a wide array of tools to generate data-driven insights and smart solutions.

Our Data & Analytics capabilities include:
Cleansing & Validation
Cleansing & Validation

We help organizations collect, clean, organize, store, and validate data to maximize its availability and impact for our client’s mission.

Mining & Standardization
Mining & Standardization

We sort through large datasets to identify trends and patterns that inform data data-driven solutions.

Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

We build tools, capabilities, and methodologies to organize, analyze and interpret data relied upon for mission-critical solutions.

Visualization & Dashboarding
Visualization & Dashboarding

We build compelling visualizations, dashboards, and briefings to deliver clear, useful, and actionable insights.

Coaching & Training
Coaching & Training

We provide customized processes, tools and trainings, empowering organizations with in-house data analytics capabilities and the means to build upon them.

Project Spotlights


On the Frontlines: Developing New Data Analytics Insights to Assess and Mitigate COVID-19 Risks Nationwide in Real-Time

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency/National Risk Management Center

The Challenge

At the onset of the pandemic, CISA’s National Risk Management Center (NRMC) needed to assess risks to the country’s national critical functions. Understanding risks to our country’s healthcare system was a primary focus.

The Partnership

Building upon our strong relationship with CISA, Partner Forces acted as extension of CISA to help our client mitigate risks to our healthcare system and navigate an ongoing public health crisis. Our teams analyzed data and designed visualizations to assess the impact and level of disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country’s healthcare sector and essential critical infrastructure workforce.

The Impact

As a result of Partner Forces advanced risk and data expertise, and our ability to convey findings into visually-interesting and easily digestible materials, our team helped our client, as well as other intragovernmental agencies on the pandemic frontline:

Leverage Data Analytics to Understand the Impact of the Crises
  • Develop unique data-driven insights on the impact of hospital strain on excess deaths
  • Better understand the impact of COVID-19 on hospitals and help prevent future deaths
Strengthen Partnerships
  • Integrate CISA in CDC’s COVID-19 task force efforts
Raise Awareness and Strengthen Communications
  • Secure widespread coverage in national and trade publications, helping raise public awareness about the impact of COVID-19, hospital strain and excess deaths
Build Resilience
  • Possess new analytic tools to understand, quantitatively measure, and mitigate the impact of the pandemic in real-time
  • Better prepare for and be more resilient to future disruptions to the nation’s healthcare system