Partner Forces Releases New Technology-Enabled Solution for Evidence-Based Risk Mitigation

Partner Forces, a woman-owned management consulting firm specializing in security and preparedness support, announces its Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM), designed to help organizations understand, identify, and prioritize risks so they can make data-driven investments to safeguard against future threats.

“Each organization’s risk landscape is as unique as a fingerprint, and understanding it is key to mitigating threats and vulnerabilities. Our Risk Assessment Methodology provides a clear picture of risks so that organizations are able to prioritize mitigation strategies and make smart investments.” says Jenny Stone, Partner Forces’ Founder and CEO.


Our Risk Assessment Methodology provides a clear picture of risks so that organizations are able to prioritize mitigation strategies and make smart investments.
Jenny Stone, Founder and CEO

Customizable to any organization, the Microsoft Excel-based tool identifies the greatest risks in an area, infrastructure, or system, and prioritizes them, providing a color-coded, easy-to-understand snapshot of risk posture. The RAM product suite also includes a tailor-made capability gap analysis, a cost vs. benefit analysis for each, and investment planning tools that turn the initial risk assessment into an actionable plan, allowing clients to decide where and how to invest resources to best manage risk. Using the RAM tool, corporate and government clients are able to clearly and concisely execute a risk assessment and provide insightful, easy-to-understand visuals and documentation to support Federal security and preparedness requirements as well as SAFETY Act applications.  The tool was developed based on Partner Forces extensive history working with DHS and FEMA to establish data-driven risk management processes.

Senior Consultant Kat Kendrick says, “We pride ourselves on the ease-of-use, agility, and scalability of the tool, as well as the collaboration and technical assistance we provide throughout the risk assessment process. Our goal is to empower organizations so that they can standardize their process over time and feel confident in their risk posture for the long-term.” The RAM approach is adaptable and scalable to accommodate assessments at multiple levels and in multiple industries. The RAM approach is lightweight and requires minimal effort to update and maintain, allowing users to cost-effectively track and demonstrate risk reduction over time.

Partner Forces is a woman-owned small business, whose core services include risk & resilience, management consulting, mission support, and data & analytics, serving the federal government, state and local governments, and industry partners, including supporting 21 clients with risk assessments since 2018. Partner Forces’ other risk & resilience capabilities include business continuity planning, cybersecurity, incident response, intelligence and operations, and preparedness and response planning. To learn more about the Risk Assessment Methodology and how you can work with Partner Forces, please contact us.