Partner Forces Announces Managers’ Guide: A Blueprint for Building Confident and Effective Managers

Partner Forces, a woman-owned management consulting firm, unveils their practical approach to developing managers and teams that embody the “Lead Bravely” philosophy. Using itself as a test case, Partner Forces created a simple, quick, yet high-impact solution to support the retention and growth of an organization’s emerging leaders.  

 “Managers wear many hats as motivators, mentors, culture ambassadors, and client solution delivery leads. They carry a lot on their shoulders and play a critical role in shaping the employee experience regardless of industry,” says Jenny Stone, Founder and CEO. “Last year, 94% of our employees reported feeling supported by their managers. We are excited to share how a simple investment can help managers thrive.” 

 The Managers’ Guide, customizable to any organization and organizational structure, is a resource that brings together the myriad of manager responsibilities and emerging requirements that often are unintentionally, haphazardly communicated or insufficiently explained. By organizing around a management framework, the guide articulates key business processes, outputs, and metrics while allowing for flexibility in how they are executed. 

 As a result, managers are more efficient, confident, and have more energy to invest in listening to and engaging with teams for support. Senior Director Shelley Rappaport says, “The power of this guide is that it allows managers to use their unique character strengths to manage effectively. It demonstrates executive leadership’s commitment to investing in people while providing a tactical tool to enhance accountability.”  

Partner Forces is a woman-owned small business, whose core services include risk & resilience, management consulting, mission support, and data & analytics, serving the federal government, state and local governments, and industry partners. To learn more about the Manager’s Guide and how you can work with Partner Forces, please email