A values-driven approach


For no challenge to overcome the power of partnership.


Help government and industry confront evolving risks and challenges by serving as a trusted partner, prioritizing collaboration, and leading difference-making solutions.


Partner Forces, LLC is a woman-owned management consulting firm that helps government and commercial clients manage risk, enhance security, and strengthen mission impact. Our team of cross-sector experts specialize in risk and resilience, data analytics, management consulting and mission support. Together, we work tirelessly to maximize the power of partnership, protect critical infrastructure, and help our national security and industry partners tackle their most pressing challenges. We take deep pride in crafting smart and practical solutions that consider the evolving risk landscape and help solve for the greater good.

Our values



We recognize our true selves, bringing out the best in others and applying sound judgment to every interaction, while exuding a principled genuineness all deserve and can grow from.



We respect our differences and their power to unite us on our path toward new ideas and successes.



We maintain positive attitudes, revealing a contagious energy we consider the foundation of a brilliant workplace.



We encourage open dialogue even when it’s hard, providing unwavering support at all times.



We apply solutions-oriented thinking, turning obstacles into opportunities to make a positive impact.



We strive for a sum greater than our parts, while celebrating individuality within the ultimate team atmosphere.

Overview of Jenny Stone and Jen Chaggaris talking

A history of collaboration

By prioritizing collaboration and crafting smart and data-driven solutions, we have helped our clients advance their missions and become a trusted partner. Our unique ability to work together, manage risks and streamline operations has been the key to our growth. The below metrics speak to our impact and growth:


The total number of Partner Forces team members and subject matter experts, marking a 646.15% increase in full-time employees in five years


The number of separate and distinct contracts and projects that we currently lead and support


Percentage of work that is derived from repeat customers who value our partnership and impact


The total number of commercial projects and government contracts that we’ve supported since our founding


Our YoY revenue growth since 2020

Imagine what we can achieve while working together toward the common goal of positive change.

Jenny StoneJenny Stone  Founder & CEO

A history of service

Our history is rooted in service and partnership. Partner Forces’ founder and CEO Jenny Stone launched her consulting career providing mission support to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during its infancy as a newly established executive department. After working side-by-side DHS and its various agencies for nearly 15 years, Jenny extracted a common theme across her experiences. Most often, the difference between success and failure in tackling security and risk challenges came down to the quality and commitment of the partnership.

And so our story begins. Founded in 2016, Partner Forces was created out of a direct desire to help national security and industry partners leverage the power of partnership to solve some of the country’s most complex and high-stakes problems.

Jenny’s vision was to create a company that federal, state and local governments and the private sector could turn to for their most pressing issues related to critical infrastructure, risk management and resilience. Six years later, our mission remains and our impact has blossomed.

From partnering with the federal government to mitigate COVID-19 risks nationwide at the onset of a global health pandemic to leading community outreach efforts in the wake of the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey, from standing up a new program office to respond to emerging cyber and digital threats, to helping commercial clients shore up their risk preparedness plans amid an evolving threat landscape, Partner Forces has helped tackle some of our country’s most urgent challenges of our day.


A reflection of teamwork, impactful partnerships, and selfless service.

Let’s join forces.